The IELTS exam can be a key which opens the door to international study and a successful future.

IMEA students are now studying in universities all over the world - Australia, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Malaysia, Finland and Japan. Some of our students have won valuable scholarships to study at international universities. We are committed to continuing this trend.

IELTS training courses at IMEA have been carefully developed, trialled and tested for over 5 years, and we are very proud of our students’ results.

We provide careful personal attention to the individual needs of our students and fully support them to achieve their dream of overseas study.

OUR REPUTATION = SUCCESS IN IELTS: The success of our IELTS at IMEA courses is reflected in the great results of our students. Three of our students have already achieved a Band score of IELTS 8.0 and many others in the range of IELTS 6.5 to 7.5. We have copies of their certificates to show you.

At IMEA, our IELTS Preparation courses are designed for students who want to complete further study at university in Vietnam or overseas, (at bachelor or masters level). Our courses also assist students who want to win international scholarships.

IELTS INNOVATION: IMEA leads the way with innovative IELTS curriculum designed by our experts’ right here at our centre to meet the specific learning needs of our Vietnamese students.

IELTS TEACHERS AND TRAINERS: Our teachers and trainers must also adhere to the learning principles we teach by regularly engaging in collaboration, research and self-reflection.

Our IELTS teachers meet regularly to discuss the advancement of each class and the progress of individual students. We share the latest ideas, approaches and information about the IELTS exam and brainstorm ways to improve our teaching methods and curriculum content. Our teachers are very professional in everything they do and will continue to work in this manner.

IMEA LEARNING TO LEARN: All IELTS courses at IMEA have extra integrated “Study Skills” components to thoroughly prepare students for the rigors of university and adult education study. These include critical thinking and reflection, problem solving and personal action research - essential skills and knowledge for success in higher education, especially in an international setting. Become an independent learner and thinker.


At IMEA we have THREE levels of IELTS Preparation courses.

IELTS BACKGROUND 4.0-5.0: Our entry level IELTS 4.0-5.0 course delivers a complete background into the IELTS examination and provides students with pre-requisite skills and knowledge necessary to understand all aspects of the exam. Careful emphasis is placed on improving speaking and pronunciation skills as well as reading, writing and listening strategies.

IELTS PREPARATION 5.0-6.5: Our popular IELTS 5.0-6.5 course thoroughly prepares students to take the examination. This challenging course explores specific techniques and strategies to achieve an excellent IELTS result. The teachers at IMEA have developed our own unique practice methods and exercises not available in text books. We also use a “blended learning” approach and direct students to complete specific IELTS exercises on the internet. “Study Skills” and Learning to Learn components are further developed in this course.

IELTS ADVANCED 6.5-7.5 +: Our most challenging and demanding IELTS course is designed for students who are capable of achieving a high IELTS Band Score. Students practice the more difficult aspects of the IELTS examination, especially in the skill areas of reading and listening. Also appropriate language structures and vocabulary are presented and practiced to maximise scores in writing and speaking. Students are required to complete a lot of self-study, including internet research, to achieve their best result.

Some of our students have achieved an IELTS band score of 8.0 after completing this course.